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From our hearts to yours.
We give to you..... our greatest work yet!
The tracks below are our story so far.
Happy listening!!


Everything Has Changed - Souly Us  Single Artwork.jpg


‘Everything Has Changed’ was a song inspired by COVID-19.

We wanted to write a song that speaks how we were feeling, and still are feeling.

We had dreams we were chasing, and huge plans brewing to then have them fall flat and our dreams on pause. 

Everything HAS changed.

We just have to go with it!

Adjust to it. 

And keep living our fullest life.


Written, recorded, composed and produced by Souly Us, mixed and mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios, Sydney. 

This is 'Everything Has Changed' xx



August 2019

‘Alive’ is enough to make anyone want to spread their wings and fly, encouraging the feeling of absolute freedom.
We are human, we all go through hardships and dark times, then there are the moments that make us so happy. Life is a roller coaster! We must remember to be thankful for the times that make us smile, the times that make us light up and feel immense happiness, the times we feel ‘Alive’. Life can be ‘a beautiful thing, it’s a hell of a ride!’

Written, recorded, composed and produced by Souly Us, mixed by ARIA and CMAA award winner Matt Fell and mastered by Grammy award winner William Bowden, this single is already capturing hearts.



April 2019

A carefully and beautifully composed piece with a marching drum beat. 

Written, recorded, composed and produced by Souly Us, this single hit #10 on iTunes Country Music Charts and received airplay Australia wide.

Funds donated to the Australian War Memorial and The Legacy for pre-orders and purchases until May 25 2019.



January 2019

When mind and music come together, a masterful EP like Hello World is the end result. Digging deep into their musical soul, Souly Us has written, recorded, composed and produced in their own studio. 
With a compilation of powerful melody and lyrics from songwriters completely self taught, this is real talent. They hope you enjoy these excellent tunes, so please feel free to listen, share, and send them your comments.



September 2018

This single has become a favorite among fans. It's catchy melody and storytelling lyrics jump right out at you. 

You'll find yourself singing along in no time.

APRA ACMOS/TSA New Songwriter of the Year track 2019.

Have a listen and discover the magic of music by Souly Us.

Debut Album 

September 2019

Peaking at #13 on iTunes Country Music Charts

'Every single person will get something out of this album. Whether it’s a powerful break-up ballad, an uplifting song of strength, a love song or a song about life, this album is bound to capture listeners in more ways than one and covers all types of emotions.’

Souly Us recorded and produced ‘Alive’ in their home studio in Inverloch, Victoria, while it was mixed by ARIA and CMAA winner Matt Fell and mastered by Michael Carpenter at Love HZ Studios in Sydney.

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